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My Speech Class Presentation

Cell phones have cameras; binoculars have cameras; PC’s have cameras; but what about video game systems? Leave it to Nintendo to come up with that. They are coming out with a new product called the Dsi. It has a wider screen, better Wi-Fi capability, and not just one but two cameras. One is a snapshot camera and the other, a video camera. But they are not ordinary cameras. You can take pictures of friends and you can manipulate the pictures on your screen; for instance you can draw a mustache on your friend’s face.

Nintendo, which provides entertainment for kids of all ages, has developed incredible technology over the past twenty years. Today I will be reviewing that history and highlighting some of their most memorable and commercially successful products. Nintendo innovatively develops technology continually coming out with new products to improve on their old ones. The beginning of the video game world as we know it now, started when Nintendo introduced arcade-style games you could play at home.

First, in 1985, they introduced the Nintendo Entertainment System, which we call NES. It’s an 8-bit video game console that allowed you to play a variety of video games that you could play on separate cartridges. It helped revitalize the US video game Industry after a few years of public disinterest. The NES sold 60 million units. You could play games like Mario and Zelda.

In 1989 Nintendo introduced the first handheld video game system called Game Boy. A handheld video game system is a console, small enough to carry in your hand. The small controller and minimized screen are all connected on just one console. Since the introduction of Game Boy well over 150 million units have sold worldwide. The first game cartridge made for Game Boy was Tetris.

In between 1990 and 1993, Super NES hit the markets featuring 16-bit technology and had more processing power so Nintendo could make more games.

Nintendo 64, or N64 for short, followed with realistic 3D visuals. The 64 stands for 64-bit technology. Super Mario 64 was the first game for the system and is such a popular game that Nintendo has it for current systems. The object of the Super Mario 64 game is for the characters to go through mazes to save Princess Peach. It’s popularity is probably based on it’s 3-D effects and character moveability (rather than only moving up and down and side to side like in the previous Mario games, the characters can now spin and flip and jump off walls.) Another reason for the game’s popularity, is that the characters are so cute and appealing and the music is catchy.

I had an N64 one time, along with Star Fox 64. It took me a week of constant playing to beat the game and I really enjoyed the game so much. The object of the game is that players must take on several challenges to reach the remote planet Venom, home to the evil interplanetary emperor Andross and then battle him. But I didn’t keep the N64 too long. I bought it on Ebay and it smelled like cigarette smoke so I sold it on Ebay. But soon I got a Wii, which I will tell you about soon, on which you can play N64 games.

Then, in 1998 and again in 2002 Nintendo updated their original Game Boy with the Game Boy Color and the Game Boy Advance. They were no longer black and green screens, instead they were colored screens. That is why it’s called Game Boy Color. And they were the first systems to feature colored screens.

In 2001, its seems everybody went out and bought a Game Cube for Christmas. It sold well over 21,000,000 systems that year. Previous game consoles such as N64, SNES and NES had used bulky cartridges. But the new Game Cube was the first system to use discs instead. This is why it was such a big seller. The Gamecube’s competitors are Microsoft X-box and Sony Playstation 2. Gamecube is child friendly, with games like Mario and Kirby. More often Gamecube’s competitors, the X-box and Playstation had adult, violent games.


Released in 2004, the Nintendo DS a new handheld system, featured two screens. That’s what the DS stands for; “Dual Screen”, one being a touch screen. Also, it had a microphone and built-in WiFi capability. This means for some DS games you could play with other people around the world and even talk with people or you can even talk with your friends if you assign friend codes. The screens were hard to see so Nintendo made the DS Lite with a built-in light. I sold my blue color Nintendo DS on Ebay because old DS’s are still in demand. Surprisingly I got $86 for my DS and they originally sell for $129.00.

And the most recent and popular game console: the Wii, which features wireless controls, internet access, and interactive play. For example: while holding the controller you could pretend you are bowling, playing baseball, tennis, boxing, or golf and you are actually controlling the characters.

I’m so excited about the DSI which will be released for sale on April 5th. It will sell for $179. You won’t be able to play the old Gameboy games on the system because there will be no Gameboy slot, instead you can download the games as well as Gameboy Color games with a points card system. A points card allows you to download old games from old video game system which cost money. The DSI does have a feature that allows you to take pictures of people standing side by side and see how they resemble each other.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Nintendo added a phone to the system?

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