Posted by: | February 23, 2009

My Pokemon Card Speech

This is my Pokemon card speech that I did as a demonstration for 4-H. I did it because I’m so into Pokemon. I think I did really well.As part of my speech I showed the audience what you would get  in a booster pack.  I opened a Platinum booster pack.

Here is my speech:

Hello, my name is Austin and today I’m going to tell you why I choose to collect Pokemon Cards. As you can see I have a lot of cards. I have over 800 cards that I’ve been collecting for 2 and a half years. I keep them in binders and tins and I have them organized by their rarity.

I collect Pokemon cards because there is a lot you can do with them. For instance: there are many Pokemon fans that enjoy collecting Pokemon cards. Some fans use them to build a trading card game card deck and get together with other players at leagues where they can compete and get higher ranks eventually to the biggest and advanced tournament, the World Championships. On the local level, you can play these games at a table at your house with your friends so you can learn how to play and improve on your skills. The next level would be at a league. Some of these league games are held at malls, pizza shops, and hobby stores. Its usually free to enter, there are several more league challenges until you get to the world championships. In order to play the game, you must build a card deck which consists of 60 cards. Pokemon are categorized by elements such as: Grass, Water, and Fire. You need to put in exactly two elements and also include trainer, supporter or stadium cards and, of course, the Pokemon cards.

Another, thing you can do with Pokemon cards is get together with your friends and trade them. The way you do that just depends on the rarity of the cards or what you want versus what the other person has and will be willing to give up for one of your cards.


The ones I collect are the rarest ones. The rare cards have a holographic background, shiny border, or a star at the right bottom corner.


If you were to buy Pokemon cards at a store, you would find the following: (OPEN THE PACK AND SHOW THE JUDGES) 5 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 card that could be either a rare, a rare holographic, an uncommon, a common, or an oddly-colored Pokemon card, and 1 card that could be a rare, rare holographic, level X, Ex, or a secret rare. A pack of trading cards costs $3.99.

Every 3 months, the card makers come out with new card sets. Every new set has a catchy name such as: (SHOW THE JUDGES EACH PACK) Stormfront, Legends Awakened, Majestic Dawn, Great Encounters, Secret Wonders, Mysterious Treasures, Diamond and Pearl and the newest set that just came out, Platinum. There are 492 Pokemon characters and each set contains only about 100 of those Pokemon. So, if you want to collect all of the Pokemon, then you are going have to collect all the sets.

This concludes my demonstration. Are there any questions?

The booster pack I opened was a Platinum booster pack. This is what I got: Chansey 69/127, Wurmple 103/127, Happiny 76/127, Squirtle 96/127, Cacnea 67/127, Rev. holo Miasma Valley 111/127, Rare Bastiodon 20/127, Flaffy 48/127, Zangoose 66/127, Vigoroth 64/127.



  1. do you have giratina

  2. I have aa Giratina! 10/127. LV.100. I have a check off list, It said i have a Rare Holo Giratina.

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