Posted by: | August 28, 2008

Cryptids are Real!

These are some good times on Siesta Key, but my brother, our friend Ethan and I keep seeing strange creatures called Cryptids (a creature that has not yet been proved of its existence). Some of the Cryptids we’ve been seeing are really strange like: possessed chicken, demon monkey, cloud creature, stuff on the window (which looked like blood), a ghost (because we were filming a Cryptid hunting intro video, and when we saw it on the computer we could see like a transparent human figure), UFO’s, demon dog, and the one we’ve been seeing the most: THE PLANT MONSTER! Yes it is true, because there’s a house in our neighboorhood that we pass sometime, and we see alot of wierd stuff over there. One day, we were playing a fun game with a fake plant monster, but we realized that it wasn’t a game at all, because we’ve been finding a lot of evidence that it could be real.  For instance, one day we saw a branch in front of two trees, and the next day the branches were gone! Could this have anything to do with the plant monster, or a different Cryptid?


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